Main Stage


A well designed Film, Photo and Video studio stage to suit any production, offering options when necessary.

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 No Production is too big or too small for this stage due to it’s 4O’ white Cyc wall, equipped with a grid to hold any lighting equipment necessary for your production.


Its a  3,OOO sqft ground level space making it super ideal for set build off. 14′ high ceilings and electrical power all throughout.


This stage gives all creators a full control towards their Film, Photo or Video production.


A makeup room away from set area equipped with 3 separate stations to speed things up when heavy makeup or hair work is require on set.

A fitting room also away from set area for private fittings/changing when its require.

Makeup Room

Our Main Stage design makes it super easy and convenient for all creators to work as comfortable as they need to, with a 1O’ loading gate, no stairways and no long hallways to get to set area.


We put our selves in our clients position and we came up with a studio design like no other.